Reveal News Provides a Database of Tech Diversity Demographic Data and Offers Articles and Reports that Explain the State of Diversity in the Tech Industry

Reveal News forged a collaboration with an academic to get access to EEO-1 demographic data for 177 large tech companies. Data are available for analysis in accordance with terms of use and proper attribution.

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Reveal offers the following articles and reports to explain the state of diversity throughout the tech industry:

5 reasons why companies should share their EEO-1 diversity forms highlights five reasons why companies should release EEO-1 diversity forms.

Here’s the clearest picture of Silicon Valley’s diversity yet: It’s bad. But some companies are doing less bad (2018) offers a detailed picture of diversity and inclusion in tech and allows those that are public to be compared with all their peers.

How we created a baseline for Silicon Valley’s diversity problem (2018) describes the backstory behind Reveal’s push for transparency about workforce demographic data in tech companies.

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