“We didn’t know how good baseball could be until everybody could play.” –Rev. Jesse Jackson, RainbowPUSH Coalition, PUSHTech2020

Inclusion Clearinghouse is driven by the vision that the talent behind technology innovation will one day reflect our diverse society. To this end, the mission of Inclusion Clearinghouse is to provide tech leaders, aspiring tech professionals, founders, investors, and others with the information they need to create a more diverse and inclusive technology industry.

The Fuel Behind Inclusion Clearinghouse

Cynthia Overton launched Inclusion Clearinghouse in collaboration with the PUSHTech2020 initiative, led by Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Cynthia has spent more than 14 years leading projects that enhance opportunities for underrepresented populations and has worked on corporate initiatives to promote workforce diversity and inclusion. She currently serves as Director of Tech Workplace Initiatives at the Kapor Center, where she provides diversity and inclusion-related education opportunities and resources through focused initiatives for tech professionals. A proud HBCU graduate, Cynthia earned a BA from Hampton University. She also holds an M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in educational technology with a concentration in accessible technology, a masters in PR/corporate communications from Georgetown University, and an assistive technology applications certificate from California State University, Northridge Center on Disabilities. Email Cynthia at Cynthia[at]InclusionClearinghouse.org.

Rev. Jesse Jackson initiated PUSHTech2020 in 2014 to promote a new level of transparency surrounding diversity and inclusion in the technology industry. The goal of PUSHTech2020 is for tech workforce demographics to accurately reflect the demographics of our country by the year 2020. It works toward this goal by collaborating with companies to set specific and quantifiable diversity and inclusion goals, targets, and timelines. Rev. Jackson’s leadership in encouraging tech companies to publicly release workforce demographic data has helped the Silicon Valley tech culture evolve so that it champions diversity, inclusion, and equality. For more information about PUSHTech2020, visit www.rainbowpushsv.org/.